Plywood Manufacturers
In Yamunanagar

Gurjone Ply is one of the best Plywood manufacturers in yamunanagar.In the event that you are thinking about an organization that can offer you the top-notch nature of Rangoon’s business compressed wood, picking our organization will give you different favorable circumstances. We are known to make, fare, and supply high caliber and cost-effective plug compressed wood. We give our customers an assortment of pressed wood sizes which many can use for various tasks.

Key Features


Particle board

Particle board is less expensive, denser and more uniform than traditional wood and pressed wood and is fill in for them when cost is a higher priority than strength and appearance. Particleboard can be made more engaging by painting or the utilization of wood facade on noticeable surfaces

Decorative BOARD

Decorative plywood is largely utilized for cupboards, divider framing, furniture, and plant work. Marine plywood is produced from strong face and center facade, with few deformities, so it performs longer in both moist and wet circumstances and opposes any climatic weather.


Laminate is a flimsy surface wood or wood facade. It looks more extensive. It is ply wood however has a defensive plastic layer on one or the two sides. Covers are utilized to supplant ply wood because of their effect opposition, climate obstruction, stickiness opposition, cold opposition (malleability) and synthetic obstruction.


Commercial plywood is a stunning material that you can use in causing ventures for furniture, to brighten and constructing. In the event that you are intending to make furniture out of business compressed wood unquestionably, you will probably make an ideal piece with long time span of usability

block BOARD

Blockboard comprises of a center made of wooden strips or squares, set edge to edge between two layers of compressed wood, which are then stuck together under high tension. By and large, softwood is utilized in Blockboards are typically favored when extended pieces or wooden sheets are expected while making furniture.

marine plywood

Marine ply wood is the most noteworthy reviewed compressed wood in the compressed wood industry. This implies that the nature of marine ply wood is best among a wide range of plywood. The IS grade of marine pressed wood in India is IS710. Marine pressed wood, in layman language, is by and large BWP or bubbling waterproof compressed wood.